International Conference on Instrumentation, Management, Automation, Control Systems, and Informatics (IMACSI 2018)

Ibis Styles Bandung Braga Hotel

Bandung – Indonesia, 08-10 August 2018

It is our great pleasure to announce the  International Conference on Instrumentation, Management, Automation, Control Systems, and Informatics (IMACSI 2018), to be held in August 2017 in Bandung, Indonesia. The conference is an event organized by IEEE Indonesia Control Systems and Robotics and Automation Joint Chapter Societies (CSS/RAS). The issue of industry 4.0 and the components therein such as cyber-physical systems, industrial internet of things, big data analysis, and autonomous systems have driven the integration between data, people and services to a different level where the collaboration among multi-disciplines including sensors and instrumentation, data management, control and systems, and industrial informatics. The conference aims to foster relationship between international researchers, scientists, engineers in those relevant areas. We solicit full-length, high-quality, and original papers on the following topics, but are not limited to:

Track Instrumentation:

Sensor Phenomenology, Modeling,and Evaluation; Sensor Materials, Processing, and Fabrication including printing; Chemical and Gas Sensors; Microfluidics and Biosensors;  Optical Sensors; Physical Sensors: Temperature,Mechanical, Magnetic, and others; Acoustic and Ultrasonic Sensors; Sensor Networks including IoT and related areas; Sensor Applications

Sensor Systems: Signals, Processing, and Interfaces; Actuators and Sensor Power Systems; Sensors In Industrial Practice.

Track Data, Operation, and Management:

SCADA Hardware Security Solutions, Encryption, Authentication, Availability Assurance, Resilient Systems, Application security, Secure Firmware, Timing Vulnerabilities in RT-Control Systems, Security Implications of Feature Interactions; SCADA System Security: Security architectures, Safety-Security Interactions, Intrusion detection, Malware Analysis, Cyber Security Engineering, Vulnerability, Assessment/Screening, Secure Communication Protocols, Metrics, Anonymity, Language-based security, Network security, SCADA Forensics, Hardware Forensics, Incidence Response, Live Forensics, Accountability, Human Factors Security, Awareness & Training, Behavioural Modelling, Threat Profiling.

Manufacturing System, Quality engineering and management, Maintenance management, Production planning and scheduling, Logistics and Supply chain management, Purchasing / supply management, Demand management, Inventory planning and control, Sustainable production and logistics, Operation research, Operation management, Optimization and metaheuristic, Data mining, Human factor engineering, Macroergonomics, Business process engineering, Performance management, Risk management, Information management and technology, Knowledge management, Technology management, Multi Criteria Decision Making, Lean Manufacturing, Enterprise Resource Planning, Big Data Analysis, Industrial development, Industrial /business evaluation, Value engineering, Service design & management, Strategic Management

Track Automation:

Human Machine Interaction, Safety Instrumented Systems, Process Automation, Asset & Data Management Systems, Manufacturing Systems, Supply Chain Network, Precision Motion, CAD-based Simulations & Control, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Networking Systems, Automation in Biotechnology & Health Systems, DNA Chip Fabrication & Screening, Simulator System, Operation Research, Optimization, Mechatronics and Robotics, Education.

Track Control:

Control Theory, Control Application, Networked Control, Intelligent Control, Adaptive Control, Robust Control, Hybrid Control, Discrete Event Control, Distributed Control, Embedded Control, Linear and Nonlinear Control, Multivatiable Control, Stochatic Control, Precision Motion Control, Integrated Planning and Control, Team Control, Embedded Control, Control Engineering and Education, Control Design and Applications.

Track Systems:

Biological Systems, Communication Systems, Computing Systems, Cooperative Systems, Economics and Systems, Hybrid Systems, Mechanical Systems, Stochastic Systems, Systems Inspired Mathematics, Bio-inspired systems, Intelligent Systems, Signal Processing, Learning and Adaptation, Computational architectures for learning, Reward structures for learning, Evolution, adaptation, Co-evolution, Single agent Learning, Multi-agent Learning, Systems and Organization, Autonomic computing, Complex systems, Self-organization, Novel agent and multi-agent applications, Intelligent User Interfaces, Bayesian Networks, Soft Computing, Neural Networks, Natural language processing, Machine Learning, Planning and Scheduling, Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, Uncertainty in AI, Model-Based Reasoning, Ontologies, Data Mining, Constraint Satisfaction, State Space Search, Case-Based Reasoning, Cognitive Systems, Reactive AI, Vision and Perception, Pattern Recognition, Ambient Intelligence, AI and Creativity, Evolutionary Computing, Fuzzy Systems, Knowledge Based System, Industrial applications of AI, Hybrid Intelligent Systems, Visualization, Knowledge based, Bio-inspired systems and computing.

Track Informatics:

Soft computing, Ubiquitous computing, Distributed/decentralized intelligent, Fuzzy systems, AI and expert systems, Virtual reality, Augmented reality, Wearable computers, Information systems and retrieval, Knowledge engineering, Signal/Image and multimedia processing, Software-enabled control, Real-time operating systems, Architecture for autonomous systems, Software engineering for real-time systems, Real-time data communications, Context-aware computing, Integrated information and automation, Architecture and Topology.